Kensuke Shinzaki

Kensuke Shinzaki
Kensuke Shinzaki is a Japanese professional wrestler and professional wrestling executive, better known by his ring name, Jinsei Shinzaki. He is the president of the Michinoku Pro Wrestling promotion, as well as being the sole heavyweight wrestler on the roster. Shinzaki is also known for his appearances with other Japanese promotions such as All Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and in the United States with the World Wrestling Federation from 1994 to 1996 under the ring name Hakushi. Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (1997–1998) In mid-1997, Shinzaki started appearing in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling helping Hayabusa in his battles against Mr. Gannosuke. They also had a brief stint in Extreme Championship Wrestling competing against Rob Van Dam and Sabu. All Japan Pro Wrestling (1998–2002) Shinzaki and Hayabusa competed in All Japan Pro Wrestling's Real Tag League 1998. In January 1999, they won the All Asia Tag Team Championship from Jun Izumida and Tamon Honda. They retained it until June 1999, when they lost it to Takao Omori and Yoshihiro Takayama. Shinzaki then kept a feud against Mitsuharu Misawa's Untouchables faction, but his appearances in AJPW became more sparse until ceasing in favour of Michinoku Pro in 2002. In 2001, still as an AJPW representative, Shinzaki made a surprise appearance in New Japan Pro Wrestling, wearing a white mask and causing Kazunari Murakami's defeat to Keiji Mutoh. Jinsei then unmasked, and Mutoh introduced him as the new member of his personal faction Bad Ass Translate Trading. Second return to Michinoku Pro (2002–present) Shinzaki has been the president of Michinoku Pro Wrestling company since 2003 as a result of Sasuke dedicating more of his time to his political career as a member of the Iwate Prefectural (state) Assembly. Shinzaki is also the co-founder of the joshi promotion Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling along with joshi wrestler Meiko Satomura. On April 15, 2011, Shinzaki returned to the United States to wrestle for Chikara in the 2011 King of Trios tournament, where he would represent Michinoku Pro with Dick Togo and the Great Sasuke. In their first round match Team Michinoku Pro defeated Team Minnesota (1-2-3 Kid, Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin). The following day, Team Michinoku Pro defeated Jigsaw, Manami Toyota and Mike Quackenbush to advance to the semifinals of the tournament. On April 17, Team Michinoku Pro was eliminated from the tournament in the semifinal stage by F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Johnny Gargano). Personal life Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Shinzaki helped victims in the Tōhoku region by travelling around and providing them with food and drinks. Initial reports falsely noted that Shinzaki himself was living in his car due to losing his home and restaurant, however this was incorrect as he was really just spending a lot of time travelling to help the needy.
Name Kensuke Shinzaki
Auch bekannt als Jinsei Shinzaki, Hakushi, Mongolian Yuga, Mr. Nihon Kamikaze, 新崎 健介, 新崎 人生 , Akio Sato, Mr. Rising Sun Shima
Geburtstag 1966-12-02
Geschlecht Male
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Geburtsort Tokushima, Tokushima, Japan
As: Jinsei Shinzaki
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As: Hakushi
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As: Himself
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As: Hakushi
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